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Department of Research and Development of Foodstuff Machinery and Equipment deals with research and development of innovative machinery to be used in food industry. The scope of our work includes:

  • designing machinery and equipment ,
  • CAD-3D computer modeling,
  • developing technical documentation,
  • carrying out extensive kinematic and dynamic analysis of machinery and equipment
  • analyzing machine stress resistance by means of finite elements method,
  • qualitative tests of final (food) products manufactured by means of the designed machinery or equipment.

Department of Research and Development of Foodstuff Machinery and Equipment conducts research and development on foodstuff machinery and food engineering within research and implementation projects. We cooperate with manufacturers of foodstuff machinery and devices, research institutes as well as with chemical and microbiological laboratories. The department's laboratory usescutting edge equipment for specialized computer analyses on 3D virtual models. Moreover, in our laboratory physical properties of products can be carried out. These include:

  • analyzing viscosity and flow curve,
  • analyzing pH, redox potential,
  • analyzing dry mass contents,
  • analyzing relative humidity.
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